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Blogging strategy is simple

Having a good blog strategy extends farther than writing on a regular basis. If you’re serious about using blogs to help you get some business, consider that blogs are one of the oldest forms of search engine optimization…and they are still relevant. The first thing to understand is why you need to write blogs in the first place.

Writing your way to the top

Digital Marketers talk about blogging as an SEO strategy because it works. It’s just that simple. That feeling you get when you realize you need to sit down and write content is exactly the reason you should be doing it. You competitors likely aren’t blogging, so you may as well prey on their laziness.

There are lots of reasons business owners don’t like writing. The big one is that they don’t know what to do. Follow these steps below and before you know it, your business will gain lots of traction and make more money!

Blog basics to get you started

Blogging is information

We turn to the internet to get answers. Search engines are constantly scouring the internet for information. This allows them to find the most high quality blogs to deliver the information you’re seeking. That information is the search engine’s currency.

Keywords are a blog’s best friend

The most important part of your blog strategy is figuring out what to write. You live in your business, therefore, you understand your business more than anyone else. In other words, keywords are descriptions of your services, products, location, etc.

Blog Strategy – Step 1

Use 1 high-impact keyword per blog. For example, a tire shop would write about tires and tire services. For their first blog, they would choose to write about selecting the right tire for the season. FOCUS KEYWORD: tire selection

Blog Strategy – Step 2

Compliment that keyword with a “word cloud”. Try out this word cloud generator to give you a boost. A word cloud ensures your blog is written with the focus keyword. They should be supported by words that are in the same category. Search engines want to promote high quality blogs. Write high quality content and your business will benefit. WORD CLOUD: tire brands, tire compound, tire sizes, etc.

Blogging Step 3

In addition to the above, add some weight to your blog. Add photos (with alt descriptions), videos, and links to other blogs or businesses.

use videos from tire manufacturers
add alt descriptions to your photos
add links to tire manufacturers websites

Send your blog into  hyper-speed

Blogging is easy. Who knows your business better than you? You spend the most time with your customers, therefore, you know what your customers are looking for? Writing blog strategy and content will become second nature once you understand the essentials described above.

After you’ve written your blog, share it on your social platforms. Write an article on LinkedIn and add a link to the blog on your website. Create great content and the world will pay attention.

Why Blogging Strategy Matters

  • Search engines increased rankings for your SEO
  • Tell your visitors why you are an expert in your field

If you choose to hire someone to write your blogs, make sure you edit them before they make it to your website. It has to be a reflection of your business, your words, your conversations.

Are you ready to go but need a bit of a boost or more information? Kindly reach out and I will gladly explore this with you.