What is Local SEO

Local SEO Services

If you haven’t seen what a well-built, search engine optimized site can do for your business, it’s easy to ignore your website and let it age ungracefully. After all, it hasn’t done anything for you but sit there – unless you directed your current clients or customers there first. 

So, why would you dump more money into it?

Because without a firm foundation built on SEO, your website will rank frustratingly low in search engine results pages.

Canada SEO Agency’s local SEO-strategy pushes relevant traffic to your site so you can make your website work better for you.

Expect more from your website with Local SEO

Often, our customers are worried they’ll get lost in the world wide web, or show up to prospective clients or customers too far away to make use of their services. But, with local SEO, you can target your search engine optimization by catering to local traffic. 

Even if you operate a brick-and-mortar store, local SEO can help drive more traffic to you, so you can land more sales.

How we increase your local SEO

Canada SEO Agency works with you to understand what areas you service, whether it’s your neighbourhood, or the whole province, then optimize your web presence to pin-point that audience through:

1- Website Structure

A mobile friendly audit to reveal any key weaknesses sabotaging your efforts to move up those search engine results pages.

2- Off-Page SEO

Optimizing your Google My business, Bing Places, Apple Maps Listing so that you show up when locals search for your services/products.

3- Win with Keywords

Keyword research and placement telling search engines what cities and neighbourhoods you service.

4- Your Digital Fingerprint

Citation audit and placement to allow search engines to know exactly where you’re located.

Why choose Canada SEO Agency?

SEO is highly competitive – everyone wants to sit up there on the first search engine results page. To do that, you need to beat out all those other companies looking for that same edge. 

While taking on the task yourself, or pushing it off to an employee can result in some success, it takes serious commitment and constant learning to move your website to where it needs to be: in front of more eyes.

Canada SEO Agency is a dedicated, results-driven SEO agency. That means, we’re not splitting our time or our goals between multiple disciplines to try to please everyone. We’re focussed on learning and implementing strategies that have proven results, while staying on top of the rapidly changing landscape of search engine optimization.

Local SEO FAQs

How can SEO help my local business?

Many people assume that because the internet is world-wide, their business will get lost, or seen by people who cannot buy from them. However, most search engines have developed methods to ensure local traffic gets local results. We work with you to pinpoint the areas you service, then work with search engine algorithms and services to move you in front of your ideal audience.

What is local SEO?

Local SEO includes a variety of on-page, off-page, and technical SEO that works together to ensure your website sees more local traffic. For businesses relying on customers in their region, local SEO is an essential step to make sure their website is getting traffic relevant to their business.

What is the quickest way to ensure my website is seen by local customers?

The quickest way to put your website in front of local traffic is to claim your free ‘Google My Business’ profile and fill it out completely.

How do I make sure my website is seen by the right people?

Search engines are designed to give users what they want. The more effective they are at spitting out the right answer to just about any question, the more likely people are to use them. To do that, Google has developed a variety of ways to find out what their users want, and which websites give them that. To make sure you’re seen by the right traffic, you need to:
1- Learn how to properly communicate with search engines (i.e. the algorithms they use)
2- Tell the search engine who you want to find you
3- Give searchers what they want, i.e., answers to their questions
Once you’ve accomplished these steps, Google will funnel more people your way.

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