Content Marketing

Your content, your story, your success.

Advertising can be a rat race – with new campaigns and marketing strategies tumbling over each other as you try to connect with your audience. You reach out with giveaways, humorous social media posts, radio ads, billboards, etc. etc. etc.

Keeping all those strategies and ads together, with one tone and one focus point, gets exhausting. Not to mention all the costs associated with not only coming up with the content of the ad, but finding a medium that will actually get your message out to your audience.

So how do you get clients to see you?

With better content.

Help clients find you with content marketing

Unlike traditional advertising, content marketing allows you to directly address your audience. We start by finding out what your clients are searching for online, then create a strategy to build blog posts around those topics. 

This way when your audience is searching online, Google will push your content out in front of potential clients.

By creating a library of quality content, you can cover a variety of topics and use Google’s search algorithm as your advertising medium. This can create long-term advertising that brings the right people – people who want what you have – to your site at the right time.

Content that makes a difference

Content marketing is a long-term strategy that often doesn’t see gains until months, or even a year down the road. However, by maintaining consistent content creation, you can build a long-term strategy that will offer a strong ROI for years to come.

Our content Marketing includes:

1- Content is the foundation

Content marketing strategy with keyword and topic research that will guide all content creation so we can be sure it will reach your audience.

2- Lead with SEO

Articles posted on your sites that adhere to SEO best practices and are in-line with your content marketing strategy.

3- Off-Page Activities

Guest-posting articles that can be used to extend your reach by partnering with companies who share your audience, but are not competitors.

Why Rely on Canada SEO Agency?

As a results-driven agency, our strategy is to move the needle for you. This includes finding the right service for you and your needs, and doing a great job providing it. We provide in-depth topic and keyword research before ever putting the metaphorical pen to paper so that you can be sure that every piece of published content serves you.

As much as we understand our strengths, we also know we can’t do it all. That’s why we don’t get our SEO wizards to create your content. Instead, we have partnerships with skilled content creators who take our research, strategy and ideas and craft them into compelling content your audience will engage with.

It’s these relationships that give you better value by ensuring you get the best SEO technician and creators for your content marketing.

Content Marketing FAQs

What is content marketing?

Content marketing is a strategy that utilizes content creation, like blog posts, video, and how-tos to draw more traffic to your website. This can be done through a variety of methods, including, guest blog posts, keyword-focussed content, and even PPC campaigns.

How long does it take for content marketing to have an effect?

It can take months, or even up to a year to start seeing results from your content marketing. However, while it may take some time to drive traffic, it is a long-term solution that will continue to generate more traffic long after you post the content.

How do I find out what my audience is looking for?

Without guessing, plenty of research is the only way to find out what type of content your audience wants to engage with. This can include keyword research through Google Ads or other apps, and even direct polling from your audience.

Looking for compelling content? Reach out to get started.