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Around 90% of content gets absolutely 0 traffic from Google. Considering that Google dominates the market (with market share anywhere from 70% to 80% based on the year) that means most web pages only see traffic from ads, or when someone types that URL into their browser. If your website is within that 90% it’s not doing its job.

If no one is seeing it, no one is reading it, and no one is clicking on that button to contact you – which means your website isn’t helping you at all. You can change that with better SEO.

Drive more traffic with SEO.

Quality SEO drives traffic to your site by putting your website front and centre for relevant searches. By using proven techniques and keeping up with all updates, we can help you find your place at the top of those search engine results pages. This means more people will find your business, but, most importantly, it means more people who are looking for your service or product will find you. That’s a powerful sales tool. Combined with a well-designed, conversion-oriented website, that traffic will grow your business. Are you curious about how your website is ranking?

How it Works

SEO is not rocket science, it’s made up of numerous digital assets that make up your “online presence”. With better online presence, you get better SEO. It really is that simple.

1- Website Structure

Website Structure & Your competition
Every SEO project starts with research. We check out your competition and find/exploit weak spots.
Fix Your Digital Assets
Next step is finding all the holes in your ecosystem and filling those in. Your website on-page SEO, social media channels, and business listings.

2- Off-Page SEO

These are all your online business assets. We need to ensure your business is well represented online with accuracy and high-quality content.
Online Reputation
Your business has listings (or citations) all over the internet. It is your responsibility to ensure your listings are up-to-date. This can get difficult. We can fix this too.

3- Digital Advertising

Now that your assets are all high-quality, high-performance assets, it’s time to get people to notice. When people notice, the search engines pay attention and your SEO skyrockets.

4- Business Growth

Now that we have the engine fired up, it’s time to track, learn, adjust, reset. To dominate and stay at the top, it’s a never-ending marketing process.

Why Canada SEO Agency?

We are a results-driven SEO and website design agency working closely with clients to help increase their web traffic. Through the use of proven SEO techniques, and constant learning, we help you generate more traffic to your website.

What do I get?

Good SEO is difficult to see, but when it’s implemented correctly, the results speak for themselves. To get the best results, it’s best to work on all three main streams of search engine optimization, including:

On-page SEO, which includes all the visible methods we use to increase your ranking, such as: keyword research and implementation, proper heading usage, alt-image text, etc.

Off-page SEO, which is how other sites affect your ranking. This can include: backlinks, your page authority, and the country you’re from.

Technical SEO, which includes a variety of back-end aspects of your website affecting a user’s browser performance, including loading time, how mobile-friendly it is, what the page hierarchy looks like, and more.

By combining these three streams of SEO, we can help you find the audience you need to find more success.


What is SEO?

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Effectively, SEO helps people find your website through the use of search engines like Google. Today, most traffic lands on a page as a result of a search engine suggestion. That means if you don’t have competitive SEO, you’ll lose traffic to results that are above you in ranking.

Why is SEO important?

Around 95% of traffic on Google doesn’t go beyond the first page. For any business who doesn’t rank on the first page, that’s a scary statistic – it means only 5% of people searching for you online are even going to see the link to your website, nevermind click on it. SEO pushes you above your competition, so you have a better chance of getting seen, and gaining more traffic.

Do I need SEO if I use PPC?

Like SEO, PPC moves you higher on search engine results pages. However, it’s not a substitution for SEO. In fact, both PPC and SEO work best together. SEO offers a long-term, organic solution to showing up on the search engine results page, while PPC offers a quicker, more agile solution in the short-term.

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