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Your website needs to been seen

Building a new website? Since you already read my first article here, let’s move on. I’m about to share the single most important secret to having your website become an SEO rockstar. The world of SEO (search engine optimization is full of crazy information. What information is correct? Which of this is current? How do I know what works?

If People Can’t Find It on Your Site, They’ll Find It on Your Competitor’s Website.

Debbie Farese – Hubspot

#1 The Golden Rule of Website Design

These days, you need to build your website and make EVERY decision about the user. If you make them jump through hoops to find information, they’ll bounce and head to the next website. You’re done.

The golden rule of websites is to make sure the user has a positive experience. You know why they are looking for you. You know all of your customer’s objections. Answer those questions on your website HOMEPAGE. Why not? Let them know you hear them and you understand them. SALES BABY!!! That’s right, you give them a better experience, they tell the search engines they love you. You get the sale PLUS the search engines promote you more. BOOM! SEO for 2020 businesses, you’re welcome.

#2 The Most Overlooked Component

The easiest way to pull the eject button on your website is to overlook the written content. I’ve seen super-sexy websites that never get found because good copy is lacking. I bring up written content in the meeting, the customer’s eyes immediately roll back as they experience small tremors.

Our friends over at GrubStreet Writing have these tips:

If no one reads your copy, it’s worse than useless – it’s a waste of your time and money. But done well, good copy will increase sales.

That means the most important goal of every sentence you write is to maintain the reader’s attention. While that may seem difficult, there are two very easy steps you can take to help maintain the reader’s interest:

ONE – Talk about something the reader is interested in – the reader, their problem and your solution
TWO – Keep things simple – i.e. don’t get bogged down in details, write more than you have to, or ask a lot of your reader

Jonas Gagnon

Sexy almost never wins

Time and time again I see business owners looking for beautiful websites that will blow their visitors minds. The reality is 98% of visitors don’t care. They have an itch that needs to be scratched. They could care less that you spent 10K on a website.

Furthermore, the search engines can’t “see” your website. They can only read it. So make sure you have clearly defined your website with proper setup and content.

Before you start

1- At this point, you need to take inventory. What content have you already produced? Check your socials to see which posts generate most attention. Check your DM’s to see what customers are asking. Use that stuff to power your written copy for your new website.

2- When was the last time you did a marketing plan? It sounds like watching paint dry, but it’s important for you to update your stuff. A lot can change in a year or 10. Update that stuff. That’ll guide you through the clouds.

Your Website written copy checklist

  • start with the user, give them an awesome web experience
  • make your content easy to navigate and find. Otherwise, they will go to the next website
  • refresh your content and put quality effort behind it.
  • set your ego aside and remember that the “beauty” of the website is really only 25% of every functional website.

Are you ready to go but need a bit of a boost or more information? Kindly reach out and I will gladly explore this with you.