building your new website

Creating a New Website?

Your business is established, you’re gaining momentum, and you are taking a closer look at your marketing plan. You may be considering a new website to show your visitors you are growing. You may also be looking for a re-brand. Is this you?

Most of my projects are businesses that have already been through the website design process. Sometimes they’ve built their own website on a drag/drop web builder. In other cases, their current website is 5+ years old and has not been updated since launch.

Whatever the case is, building your new website should be a fun process. It is your only 24-hour employee. It should be dependable and be able to tell your story perfectly.

When a website is done well, it attracts more customers, closes the sale faster, and helps you grow.

Considerations for your new website

1- What kind of business are you?

If you’re a service business, you need to do an excellent job at telling your story. There’s 2 reasons people will land on your website; they need someone or are not happy with their current provider. Use your new website to answer their questions before they call.

If you’re a product business, having e-commerce is a huge bonus. Displaying your updated pricing on your new website is a must. There’s no denying consumers are spending lots of time on their phones. I often find myself shopping online while browsing in-store. Can I get the same product in another local store for a better price? Will this other store have more variety and/or better service?

2- How can you make it easier for the customer?

100% of my new website consultations begin with discovery. I will ask you many questions about your business.

-what POS system do you use

-what are the top-3 questions people ask when they call

-who is your ideal customer

-how can we save your customers time

People want things fast. Furthermore, consumers will pay for convenience. Can we integrate tools to help them book online? Can we answer all their questions before they call. Let’s build this to help you close the sale faster and attract the best customers.

3- How can my new website save me time?

As a business owner, time is valuable. How can I help you save time closing sales and increase your customer relations? Those are the 2 mandates I have for building your new website. I need to find out what makes your customers purchase, return, and become your marketing masters.

4- What is your budget?

Your budget will determine which options you have.

Free-$1,000 – Your cheapest option will be an online web builder such as Wix or GoDaddy. These are basic, often lack in Search Engine Optimization, but allow you to create something to get the ball rolling while saving some money.

$1,000 – $10,000 – The second option is using a web design agency. Web agencies like Canada SEO Agency can design a beautiful website with all the tools to help your business thrive.

$10,000+ – Lastly a web developer can create some pretty awesome websites, apps, platforms for your business. If your business has the funds to create a custom platform to work with all your existing programs (timesheets, accounting, inventory, documents, etc.), you can have a pretty awesome tool to help your business grow.

5- What are your intentions?

Increasing sales is way too often the answer I get when I ask this question. You want to make more money, that’s a given. Let’s dive a little deeper. Which of your products/services have the highest margins? Are you adding a department in your business? Are you improving the service to your customers? In addition to these questions, why are you looking to grow your digital footprint?

There’s a reason you set out to build a new website. This is the most important question when talking to prospective clients. If I miss the mark on this, the whole project is a waste of time.

Next month I will share the next step. How do you create content for your website? Content is the single most important thing you will need to create to have an outstanding website that actually works.

Are you ready to go but need a bit of a boost or more information? Kindly reach out and I will gladly explore this with you.