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Winning the Search Engine Optimization Game

Let’s talk about “On Page SEO” vs. “Off-Page SEO“. Both are very important to your online success, and they are drastically different.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not a big mystery as some may say. It’s much like the real estate game. If you’re in it for quick results, you’ll lose. Over time if you optimize your content and give users a positive experience, you will have such a strong presence that your competitors will take notice.

Time + Optimized Content = Winning Formula

One of the biggest things search engines (SE) value is time. How long has you website been active? Remember that the SE’s want to give their users the best possible experience. A business that’s been around a while has accumulated visitors to their site, online reviews, and positive user experiences. To see where you stand vs. you competitors, visit Neil’s website, he knows a few things. SEO Analysis for me.

The next piece is to make sure your content is optimized. Writing for SEO and giving your writing a readability experience is a must. You can optimize your content all you want, but if the visitors don’t care for the reading, they bounce. This tells the SE’s that the user had a negative experience so your rankings don’t improve. Additionally, if your content is too “thin”, the SE’s won’t know what your website is about and won’t promote it to users. Spend some time on it and do it right.

Site Visitors want a Positive Experience

User Experience (UX) design is an essential step in designing a website that wins in the search engine optimization game. The general rules in UX are to give the user what they are looking for within 3 clicks, and display the content in a way that entices them to take action. A good call to action (CTA) strategy is where you win or lose customers. A website that is too spammy will deter users to do business with companies. Other UX rules:

A fast load time
Mobile optimized pages
A clear and concise layout/story
Tasteful CTA’s

After reading this guide, take a look at your website and see where you stand. Having an expert (you can choose me if you’d like) take a look at your online properties can save you a world of hassle and time. Consultations are always free, let’s chat.

Google will never call you

One of the many things that business owners hate is those spam calls from people representing their companies as Google. These calls usually start out with someone advising your website is not optimized and for a low fee, they will get you high search engine rankings. Lucky for you, you’ve read this post. These calls are never from Google and likely will never give you any increase in rankings. Always remember that anything worth having in this world takes time. You business wasn’t built in a day, neither will your SEO score.

Are you ready to dominate your rankings? Kindly reach out today to get started.